The Results of a Godless Plan

Lighthouse Devotions

Located on the seashores of Amchit, Lebanon, is the Babel Bahr Lighthouse (pictured above). It points to one of the most renowned Lebanese restaurants in the Mediterranean. The lighthouse has a fully functional rotating light fixture, but it does not serve as an actual navigational aid because the area does not accommodate a deck for ships. It was built exclusively as part of the restaurant’s design. You might say that it is technically the welcoming door to fine cuisine and luxurious dining.

Although Babel Bahr means “door to the sea” in Arabic, the Lighthouse of Babel Bahr reminds me of the Tower of Babel. Babel, from the Hebrew word balal, meaning to jumble or to confuse, was the name given by God to a Babylonian city where the descendants of Noah had settled. Many of you may be familiar with the story, but for those who aren’t here is a short…

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