A New Season of Boundaries

Truth in Love

I saw them sitting together in the stands. I wanted to go talk to them but didn’t know what to say. Would they even want me around? Would they just think I was weird? Could I even relate to them? Maybe they would just be annoyed of anything I would have to say. Despite all these insecurities, my desire to spend time with them to build up our relationship overpowered me and I took a chance to go “hang out” with them.

I got the look. That look of, “Why are you sitting by us?” I just laughed it off because I was expecting this.

After some reluctant conversation, I was told by my child, “You can leave. I’m just joking, but not really.”

Hurt welled up in me as the rejection hit to the bottom of my soul. I grabbed my purse and stormed off, back to my chair…

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