Following God’s Lead

The way of the Lord I will follow,

Daily will I pursue His lead.

I won’t fear in facing danger for Him,

Against all peril, I’ll plunge in unafraid.

For I’ll lean on the Almighty for courage,

For strength, I will depend on Him.

The call of God, I will answer,

Everyday, I will heed His voice.

For doing so comes great rewards,

Accolades from God goes to the faithful.

For the world will reject my mission,

They will harm me for my faithfulness.

Yet I will not fear what this world will do,

The harm of man, I won’t despair over.

I accept the cost of my mortal liberty,

For I desire to have His eternal freedom.

So I go on the road God has set for me,

I will travel the way He has placed me on.


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