He knows our Future

Relevant Reflections : The Organic acoustic and suitcase chronicles

You think you know what tomorrow will bring about or holds in store; I do not think what will happen tomorrow, I know what will happen tomorrow, the next day, week, month, year, until forever reaches no end.  I created it all, set it all in motion.  Why do you wonder about tomorrow in the midst of today’s problems.

With all your curiosity about tomorrow and the future, why do you not simply ask Me about it?  Did you just hear what I said in the previous paragraph?
I know it all: Ask and you will receive.
I know it all: Seek and I will show you.
I know it all: Knock and I will will open and will reveal it all to you.

Do not be fearful of the future, I created you, you are my child, I love you; why would I let my child who loves Me…

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