Two Hands and Three Foods

Journeys in Discipleship

A few weeks ago, in “A Handful of Melon Seeds”,  we referred to a “monkey trap,” in which a man in the Kalahari used a handful of melon seeds to trap a baboon.  The point was that our grasp on the things of this world enslaves us.  This week, I’d like to talk about the related effect that this grasping to our old ways has – denying us the blessings God has for us.  To do that, I’d like to use another illustration incorporating a primate, this time the “Slow Loris.”

Some of you may have seen the “I have two hands and three foods” image above as a meme or video floating around the Internet.  The Loris – a small primate with a very worried-looking face – appears to be in a dilemma.  It has been offered a treat, but its two hands are already full.  It knows…

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