Higher (L)attitudesº

In the Bible (Esther chapter 1-2) you will find the story of King Xerxes also know as King Ahasuerus.  This was the time when the Persian war was happening.  He held a feast for his citizens, a  feast that lasted for 180 days!  During the feast Ahasuerus wanted his wife to wear the crown and come show off her beauty in front of the people.  But she didn’t want to be the center of attention so she didn’t come out.  Ahasuerus was mad, so he divorced her and sent her into exile.  Yikes!

Eventually he sent his advisors out to different parts of his empire to find the most beautiful girls so that he could choose one to be his new queen.  One of them was a Jew named Hadassah,  brought to the king by her cousin Mordecai. 160px-esther_haram Mordecai warned her not to let the king know she was a…

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