Pearls are precious
worth more than gold
created beautifully
in the sea

In the waves
between the rocks
in storms
in heavy rain

In the reefs
finding a place
the oyster
spins dirt in it

Creating a pearl
in all its glory
giving the dirt beauty
slowly, slowly

Oyster, you do not know
the value of the pearl
when she is done
you spit her out

But she is precious
as I can see
the beauty
the rarity

She is not common you see
she is more precious
than gold
and silver

More precious than anything
her value
is only known by me
only I can see

She is no longer dirt
no longer irritating
no longer do you need to be

She is done
she is whole
she is now

She will be
placed in gold
she will be
set in silver

But yet
it will not…

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