Standing Against Sin

I’m under attack by sin,

Transgression has me under siege.

It lures me to join the darkness,

In the evil revelry, it tempts me.

But I refuse to give in,

I resist the call to slavery.

Yet the attacks continue all around me,

The siege of sin seems to have no end.

I’m burdened by their ploys,

Their temptations heap heavily on me.

I turn to the Lord for rest,

For salvation, I call on the King.

I hear the voice of the Almighty,

God speaks to me with a still voice.

He promises to never forsake me,

Never will my Savior abandon me to sin.

His strength I will rely on to stand,

In Christ, I have victory over the darkness.

So I will lift God’s banner high in this world,

In the dark, I will shine His light.

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