God Saves Me From Dismay

Torment consumes my soul,

My hearts is torn to pieces.

Pride has become my companion,

My close friend is now Sadness.

They compel me to do what I hate,

What I despise, they lead me to do.

Their temptations lead me astray,

They take me from the path with their lures.

I follow their lead into sin,

Dismay comes when I obey their call.

I call to God in my despair,

In my sorrow, I plead for forgiveness.

The Lord hears my cry and answers,

My prayers are heard by the Most High.

He reminds me of the Blood that was shed,

The Cross, my God refreshes my soul of.

In Jesus’s death, I’m forgiven,

Grace I find at the Cross at Calvary.

In Jesus, I’m lifted from sorrow,

Dismay flees before my Christ.

I will turn to the Son of God and resist sin,

Ignore the call to evil will I do in Jesus.

For when I was lost, He found me,

He restored me when I was broken.

Now I will give praise to my King of Kings,

Upon my Lord of Lords, I will give thanks.

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