Wishes and Commands

Since Time Began

“I see what you mean, daughter. Young Moses is indeed an extraordinary boy,” said the Pharaoh Thutmose I to Hatshepsut as soon as Moses had left the royal chambers after his introduction to the Pharaoh. “All the while my eyes were on the boy, I felt as if in the presence of the Sun God Ra himself.”

“Or the God of the Hebrews?” said Hatshepsut.

“Ah, that droll wit of yours, that is overshadowed only by your beauty which too often makes me think unfatherly thoughts about you,” said the Pharaoh.

“I do hope, father, you’ll allow me to adopt Moses as my son, now that you’ve spoken with him and seen how extraordinary he is.”

“This is precisely the problem,” said the Pharaoh, “he’s so extraordinary I think he’s the very Hebrew boy my sacred counselors warned me about – the Hebrew boy who, when he grows up…

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