5 Avenues God uses to Speak to us

Gospel central

God has been speaking to people from the beginning of human history, both directly and indirectly. Often I have wished that God would give me the “writing on the wall” as He did with King Belshazzar (Daniel 5) or a “burning bush” experience like Moses had (Exodus 3). But more often than not, He speaks in more natural ways. So, how does God speak to us? Hearing the voice of God is not as difficult as many might think. Scripture reveals a variety of means through which God chooses to communicate with His people today.

1. God Speaks through the Word

The primary way we hear God speak to us is through the Bible, His written revelation to humanity. Scripture is identified as the written Word (logos) of God. The Bible is a living Word that has not been given to us solely for information, analysis, and education. God uses…

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