Hello Ladies!

This is another excerpt from the Christian Fiction that I have been writing on for the past several months.  In this excerpt, the loner Simon meets Liz and Mary.  Liz is a head cheerleader and Mary is a girl that is really into gossip.  They come to the Seven-Eleven to meet their friend Carrie, who has been out of school for some time.  Please leave any comments below and enjoy.

Simon smiled as he saw the girls come closer.  He knew them since they were in elementary and at one time they were all good friends.  Secretly, Simon had a crush on both, but he didn’t have the courage to tell them.  But that was a long time ago.  Ever since then, Liz had her cheerleading and Mary had her gossiping; and Simon, well, didn’t belong to either.

Simon was considered an outcast by many at school.  This was an image which he made for himself since Middle School.   Simon wanted nothing to do with people and as a result, people didn’t want to be seen near him.

However from time to time, just for laughs, Simon would break from his anti-social attitude and try to get a reaction out of those who happen to get near him by saying something surprising.  He especially enjoyed getting a response from Liz and Mary.  “Hello ladies,” he said to the girls in a slow seductive voice, “Tell me, which one of you ladies would like to hang out with the coolest guy in town?”  He patted the space on the bench next to him.

“Thanks, but no thanks,” Mary quickly replied, “We don’t want to be ‘chilled’ by your coolness.”

“That’s a good one.” laughed Liz as they went into the Seven Eleven BING BONG.

Simon smiled to himself and shrugged; “At least they didn’t ignore me this time.”  He took another sip from his Big Gulp, “Maybe my charm is finally rubbing off on them,” he said to himself sarcastically.  A sharp cool wind blew in his direction.  Simon zipped up his field jacket; it didn’t keep the chill out.  He looked at the old jacket, I really need to wear my regular jacket, he thought to himself.  But the thought of not wearing the last thing that he has of his Dad was unbearable.

To distract himself from the chill, Simon looked towards the school again.  Two more people were coming towards the Seven Eleven.  From a distance he could tell the first person was upset. He walked stiff-legged, with fast strides and hands clenched.  The second person was trying to keep up with the first, waving and calling for the first to slow down; it wasn’t working.  As they got closer, Simon recognized them as Zach and John.

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