Acts 23:11-22

Looking Unto Jesus

(Acts 23:11-22) – An awful oath

It’s amazing what hatred will lead a person to do…

It’s amazing what love will lead a person to do…

Here we see how hatred filled the hearts of Jewish leaders who thought they were doing God a favor.

How delusional we can get…

Plans made by men can be intricate, detailed, and difficult to overcome. But God, who knows all things and works outside of time, is unperturbed by these things.

He knew that this group of people would be plotting to kill Paul, so he planted Paul’s nephew (like seriously???) there to not only hear the news, but to take it to the people who could do something about it.

God made a promise to Paul that he would testify of the grace of God in Rome. When God’s plans don’t line up with ours, God’s plans win.

We shouldn’t fight God…

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