God is with Me in the Dark

Before the dawn I rose,

I awakened before the sun awoke.

The air was crisp without the sun,

Without light, cold bit into my skin.

The sky clearly showed the stars,

The shiny dots glittered in the dark.

In all this, I felt completely at peace,

Fear didn’t consume in the darkness.

For the Lord was with me in the dark,

In the void, the Almighty gave me courage.

In that morning, He showed me His majesty,

The glory of His creation, He revealed to me.

In my lone ride, He gave me counsel,

Divine advice, He provided as I traveled.

Every moment with God, I will cherish,

I’ll hold tightly the times I spend with Him.

For He takes away all fear of the dark,

Despair of the unknown, He frees me from.

So I will praise the Lord for His mercy,

Because of His grace, I will give thanks.

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