In Christ, I’m Redeemed

My life was in multiple places,

I was stretched in wide spaces.

I felt as if I had no worth,

For no fruit from my goals have come forth.

My life was driven by what I did,

Only to find it worthless as lead.

But now I know the truth of it all,

God sees my deeds not at all.

The Almighty doesn’t value human deed,

He only sees that I am redeemed.

There was a time I was in sin,

Not knowing the trouble I was in.

Then I heard that Jesus came and died,

The sting of death, He defied.

For He rose again the third day,

In this, He freed me from sin’s dismay.

All my sin, Christ has taken,

Now my soul has awaken.

In Jesus, I commit my heart,

In his death and rising, I take part.

Now I cling to His lovely Good News,

The King of King, I will choose.

For in Him, I am redeemed,

Because of Christ, I now gleam.

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