Man’s inhumanity

John Muil

Why is it that today we attempt to isolate ourselves inside our culture, our skin colour, our way of living, our faith (or lack of it) our . . . . . . .   and so we can go on. What is it that stops us from accepting “others” or “them” as a part of our lives on this earth? Even as a part of this earth and God’s creations?

The results of this attitude can be seen daily on the news, in the media and general discussion. Hatred, bigotry, prejudice, racism, intolerance, chauvinism, bias, violence, superiority, arrogance, demands, narrow mindedness, lack of thought and so we can go on. Believe me I know about it because I have suffered these lousy attitudes in my life to a greater or lesser degree. Giving and receiving!

Is this because I am “only human” or because I am too absorbed in my…

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