Biblical Theology Is Like Heavenly Manna…

The High Church Puritan

Because no one really knows what it is.

Yesterday I was asked the same question for the umpteenth time: Just what is tBiblical Theology? The question is notoriously difficult to answer. Ask five theologians and you will get 13 answers. It seems that in the fields of Biblical Studies and Theological Interpretation there is no king in Israel so every man does that which is right in his own eyes. Biblical Theology is still a veritable Babel; a cacophonous Upper Room still waiting for the Spirit of Illumination to sort us all out. 

For my purposes as a scholar who would identify historically as a Protestant, theologically as a Reformed Catholic, philosophically as a conservative, and ecclesially as an Anglican, I would reject any a priori methodological assumptions which were based on upon the authority of an absolute Mortal Magisterium or rooted in the various forms of rationalistic Higher Criticism…

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