Finding Hope When You’re Depressed

God's Word For Mental Health

For years, when I was depressed, I thought my only hope was to find the problem and fix it. I looked everywhere for the thing that was making me feel so bad, and guess what? I found problems. Lots of them! Because we live in a fallen world full of fallen people.

My marriage had problems. My job had problems. I had problems. Everywhere I looked, I saw problems. And it was overwhelming and I couldn’t cope. So I retreated into myself and only did the bare minimum to survive. I was able to keep a job, but my depression was one of the major reasons my first marriage ended.

My mind told me I was worthless and why bother. My mind told me the world was cruel and I was stupid. My mind told me I was broken. And I believed it.

It wasn’t until I realized that I…

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