Scars of Maturity

Rambling Pasturz

I have many scars (both emotional and physical), most which were caused by my stupidity. I have one on the creases of the knuckle on my left index finger and it isn’t obvious unless I point it out. At first glance it appears to be a minor injury (overall it was) but could have had been much worse.

To spare you all the details (which might nauseate a few) I had a feral cat scratch my finger and in under twenty-four hours it became ambitiously infected. Upon the examination of the doctor it was determined that it needed to be cleaned out surgically (lanced) and I needed to consume a fair dose of antibiotics with a follow up three days later. The doctor stated that if I had waited a day or two more I would have needed to be admitted with an IV of antibiotics and could have lost…

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