Every Single Minute {Journal}

I am in a loss of words over what is actually happening in the world right now, our world…. I never thought we’d be facing so many different scenarios at once. I mean the KKK! Freaking Nazis! It’s actually insane! I saw a man on Facebook tonight who wanted to literally enslave women, word for word I quote, “Women should be silent. They should only speak when spoken to.”, “Women are property.” and while I feel like I should hate this man I can’t help but to feel sorry for him. You aren’t born racist or sexist, you are raised that way. Someone along his journey into the “man” he is today, has taught him that it is okay to say these things and to be this type of way. I feel sorry for his mother, aunt(s), and grandmother(s). They must have suffered/ must be suffering. How on Earth am…

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