Even If, By Mercy Me

In our Christian walk, we will face hard times.  When they come, we pray to the Lord, asking Him to save us from these hardships.  However, what happens if the Lord says no?

In this music video from Mercy Me called “Even If,” we are reminded that during those times when God does not move the mountains that are in our way spiritually, our hope and faith must stay upon the Lord.  The Almighty has proven time and time again that He is with us and just by His Word, our pain will be taken away.  Even when He doesn’t, the Lord is faithful and will not allow us to face our challenges alone.

The mountain seems impassable,

The challenge before me is too great.

I call to the Lord to save me,

For rescue, I cry to the Almighty.

But the peak remains unmoved,

The obstacle is still before me.

Yet my faith remains in my King,

My God, my trust in you remains steadfast.

I will scale the summit that’s before me,

The difficulty, I will endure.

For my Savior is with me in the storm,

In the darkness, my Lord is beside me always.



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