To My God, My Soul Belongs

Sin comes knocking at the door,

Every day Temptation beckons me.

It wants to come in to kill me,

To destroy is the goal of Sin.

Its knocks burden me greatly,

I’m tormented by its repeated calls.

I called out to the Lord for help,

For rescue, I pleaded to the Almighty.

My Divine King sent temptation away,

“Depart from here Sin,” the Lord commanded.

“For this one is mine,” He says,

“You have no claim,” says my Christ.

Temptation fled from the Almighty,

I watched as Sin departed from my Prince.

My heart will give praise to the Lord,

To my God, my soul gives worship.

My heart is tightly bound to my Savior,

To my Redeemer, my soul belongs forever.

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