Down Memory Lane

In this excerpt from the story, Carrie has arrived in the Seven Eleven parking lot and stunned to see Simon there.  Apparently, her and Simon have had a history.  Don’t forget to leave any comments that you might have.  God bless.        

It has been a long time since Carrie saw Simon. Even though they went to the same school, they hung out with different people and so they rarely saw each other.  There were times that Carrie missed his company.  She remembered the good times that they had together; especially their heated discussions over the comic books they read.  She smiled to herself thinking about those times.

Seeing him wearing his Dad’s old field jacket also brought back to Carrie’s mind the day that they parted ways and her smile turned into a frown.  It was like reopening an old cut that never healed.  This is not the time or place to go down Memory Lane, Carrie thought to herself as she sat in her S.U.V.  But there was a part of her that said that it was necessary for her to relive these painful memories; only then can the healing begin.  Not just for her, but for Simon also.

One day, when they were in Middle School, Simon and Carrie took their lunches and snuck out of the lunch area and went behind the bleachers near the running track.

“Carrie, can I ask you something?” Simon asked as he handed her an apple.

“You can ask me anything, you know that,” said Carrie.

“Well,” Simon began to squirm a bit, “We’ve been friends for a long time.”

“We sure have.”

Simon chuckled nervously, “You know, John teased me the other day saying that we were like a couple.”

Carrie smiled, “That John is such a joker.”

“So how about it?”

“How about what?”

Simon frowned, “Carrie, aside from John, you are my number one best friend.”

Carrie noticed the change of his tone, “You’re my best friend too Simon.”

Simon suddenly stood up and paced back and forth, “I… was just wondering… if we can be more than friends?”

The question caught Carrie off guard.  She stood up and approached him.  “Simon, I don’t know what to say.”

There was an awkward silence between them.  Suddenly, Simon shook his head.  “Never mind, forget about what I just said.”

“But Simon…”

“I said forget it!”

Then the lunch bell let out a RIIIIINNNNGGGGG and both silently went to class.

The next day, Carrie was lost in her thoughts.  She wasn’t sure about how she felt about Simon.  He was special to her, but could their relationship go beyond just friendship?  As she went from class to class, Carrie noticed that Simon was nowhere to be found.  During lunchtime, she went to John and asked where he was.

“You didn’t hear about it?” John said with surprise.

“Hear what,” she asked nervously.

“Simon’s Dad was killed in an accident last night.”

“Oh no,” Carrie cried out, putting her hand over her mouth, “What happened?”

“I don’t know.  I only heard about it when Simon’s mom told me that he wasn’t coming to school today.”

“Did you go see him this morning?”

John began to fidget, “Well… no… I mean… his Dad just died.  I thought that maybe he wanted some time alone.”

Carrie’s face went red, “He’s your friend John.  He needs you.”

After school, Carrie walked to Simon’s house as fast as she could.  Her feelings for Simon were clear to her now; she loved him.  As she came to the house, she saw that Simon was sitting on the house steps holding a green jacket in his hands.

“Simon?” She said as she came closer.

He didn’t say anything.  Simon’s eyes just stared at the old jacket that was in his hands.  As Carrie got closer, she recognized the jacket as Simon’s Dad’s old Army field jacket.  “Simon, may I sit down?”

Simon said nothing.  Tentatively, Carrie sat down beside him.  She saw the pain that was etched on his face and her heart broke for him.

“Simon… I am so sorry… Is there…”

“You’re sorry,” said Simon harshly, “You know how many times I’ve heard that today?”

Tears started to form in Carrie’s eyes.  She wanted to comfort him, but she didn’t know how.  “Simon…”

“Look,” replied Simon as he looked at her with anger in his eyes, “Saying sorry isn’t going to bring my Dad back.”

He got up from the steps and put on the field jacket.  “So why don’t you save your sympathies for someone who cares about them.”  Then Simon went into his house and slammed the door behind him.

Tears slid across Carrie’s cheeks as she relived that painful memory.  Even after that event, she tried many times to help him with his pain.  Yet, despite all her efforts to comfort him, Simon persisted in distancing himself from her.  Her love for him eventually became bitterness and she decided to leave him alone, just like he wanted her to.  During this time, she became friends with Mary and Liz and promptly forgot about the boy that she once loved.

Yet as she stared at Simon from her S.U.V., old feelings for him started to surface.  Carrie was caught off guard by them and wondered where they came from.  Is this what happens when you find peace in your life, she thought?

Carrie started having second thoughts about the whole thing.  She wondered how Simon would react when he heard her testimony.  Then a part of Carrie reminded her that she had to go, for what she had was the key to bringing Simon and everyone else in the group peace.  Carrie took a deep breath, said a quick prayer and got out of the car.

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