Biblical Relativity

Rambling Thoughts

To all Christians:

If you have to preface “morality” with “Biblical”, then you aren’t talking about morality; you are talking about moral relativism, context.

The difference is between “car” and “racecar” or “bear” and “polar bear”, “school” and “highschool”.

We all know that what you’re trying to do is say “my prefix makes my morality right, because, well, it’s from God.” What we know that you don’t is that moral principles apply in all contexts; so, “Biblical” morality is either irrelevant to most contexts, or, it simply means it only talks about a limited set of universal moral principles using a certain kind of language, or that its chatter isn’t even about morality and only about commands with no other basis but fiat. What we likewise know is that authority has nothing to do with morality; no commands of any dictator nor consequence of obeying or disobeying them actually makes…

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