Fearless, by Jasmine Murray

A lot of people are anxious about what will happen in the future.  That is because we lack the ability to see what tomorrow will bring.  No matter how well we plan for the future, there are no guarantees that things will go according to our plans.

Despite this, as followers of Christ, we are instructed to not fear the unknown future.  Instead, we are called to trust in the Lord.  For the Almighty knows what the future will bring, for He was the One who set it in motion.

In the song “Fearless,” by Jasmine Murray, we are reminded that we are in the loving hands of the Almighty.  Therefore, let us walk boldly into the unknown, for the Lord who loves us will provide for us always.  It is time for us to be “Fearless!”


The road ahead is dark and menacing,

Cold and frightful is the path I travel.

Yet my heart will not tremble before it,

Unshakable will my soul be as I walk.

For the Lord my God is with me,

My guide in the unknown is the Almighty.

The future is full of the unexpected,

Unclear is the tomorrow I face.

But I will not face the future  in fear,

Tomorrow will not make me despair.

For in the Kings of Kings I find courage,

Fearless I am in the Lord of Lords.

So let the future come with its unknown,

Let tomorrow arrive with all its mystery.

For in the Almighty, I’m made secure,

Safe I am in the hands of my God.

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