Wandering in the Wilderness

Find Sophie

He wandered in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights

I have been doing the same for fifty

Now over fifty

Waiting like a child

Waiting like a daughter

Of a God I cannot hear

Whose existence I am beginning to doubt

How can there be any hope in this wilderness?

Just blankness: blank walls, blank sheets, blank pages of my notebook

I try to write, trying to channel, funnel my emotions

But like the desert, everything is bare, it has all dried up

But Jesus had faith, the size of a mustard seed but he still had faith

In God, even in the wilderness

He was tempted and tried and wrestled and cried

But he still had faith

That God would come through for him

Even when faced with death, he chose life

He chose God

Even a mustard seed grows in the desert

All is needed is…

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