Discussion with the Bible-1

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Anger and Forgive :-

Agnes reads bible; and interestingly sometimes they both get into discussions.

One day Agnes went to her room and opened her Bible.

Bible:Welcome back Agnes, God loves you very much

Agnes: So thanks.

Bible:  You are not normal, are you angry with someone?

Agnes: Yes, my brother, Ralph, took my phone and was using it without my knowledge.

Bible:  Is it well to be angry?

Agnes:  Yes, I won’t speak with him hereafter.

Bible:   But,God has forgiven all your sins, why can’t you have compassion on your                           brother?

Agnes:  This is not the first time he did this; he daily takes my phone and plays games though he has his own phone; yesterday also I forgave him; every time he is asking sorry but repeats…

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