Under the Shade of Christ

The world was a barren place,

Death existed in this wasteland.

The people cried out for nourishment,

“Rescue”, mankind cries out to the heavens.

The Almighty heard the pleas of His people,

Their prayers were received  by the Lord.

He planted His seed into the dry soil,

He takes root within the wasteland.

From this seed, a mighty tree emerged,

A great tree gripped the barren ground.

From this heavenly tree, life returned to the land,

The dry became green as the Holy tree grew.

Under its branches, the people found shade,

Nourishment, humanity has with its fruit.

Let us come to the tree of the Lord,

To His Christ, lets come under His care.

For in Jesus, we find life eternal,

Total completeness we have in the Savior.


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