Turn Back to God

Messiah Daily

Psalms 118:8-9
It is better to take refuge in ADONAI
than to trust in human beings;
better to take refuge in ADONAI
than to put one’s trust in princes.
ADONAI is our salvation in all things. Today America is at it’s financial pinnacle as compared to other countries. Even our poorest have access to ice which makes them living in the top five percent of the world’s economic status. Yet for all this we as a country have forgotten the morality that God gave us in dealing with each other. Fatherless homes, widows and orphans abandoned these are the sins that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, the sexual disfunction was a symptom of their loss of morality. It is the same today, we sacrifice our children for convenience, abandon people out of selfishness, and have to deal with rampant sexuality that purposely defies God. We have put our trust in…

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