What flower are you? 

Faith Files

Flowers are so different. They look different, smell different, are used for different occasions, have different meanings, different colours, shapes and sizes. They’re just so different.

We are like flowers. We are all unique and have different gifts and talents. Imagine if everyone was just a rose or just sunflower that would be so boring. As beautiful as each one is, too many of the same thing isn’t good.

What if all the flowers wanted to be like a different flower? A flower that they think all flowers should look like, maybe a beautiful white Lilly or a tiny delicate buttercup.

I used to battle with comparison in my own life. Sure it’s not perfect but I don’t feel the need to compare it to someone else’s. The comparison game only leaves us bitter, angry and often ungrateful for what we do have.

Each flower has a story to tell…

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