Broken Things, by Matthew West

When I read about the characters in the Bible, I notice one thing they all have in common; they are not perfect people.  For example, Abraham was a liar, Jacob was a cheat, and David was an adulterer.  Yet despite their flaws, God still used them to accomplish great things in His name.

There is no one that’s perfect in this world.  That’s is because the sin that dwells within us has made us broken in God’s sight.  Nevertheless, as we will see in the song “Broken Things,” by Matthew West, God uses broken people to reveal His glorious grace for us.  So the next time you feel worthless and broken, remember the grace that God has given you and let it fill your heart with joy.

I stand before my God broken,

Greatly flawed am I before my Lord.

I fall to my knees terrified at His feet,

My eyes don’t dare to look at His face.

For I’m a broken mess before the Almighty,

Damaged goods I am at the feet of God.

But the Lord touches my head and calms me,

He takes me by the hand and brings me peace.

Although I’m broken, He has made me whole,

What was once flawed, my Lord has restored.

So I will now sing praise to my Heavenly Father,

To my Savior, I will give thanks daily.

For His grace has made me new,

I am made whole under His favor.

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