Giving Up Control

Summerville Profs

Two weeks ago, Cat had a runny nose after only three days in her new daycare. Last week she had an ear infection. And I was 3.5 hours away and couldn’t do a thing about it. If I had been there, it’s not as though I could have done anything about it either, but that’s technicality, isn’t it?

Last week, my students took a diagnostic exam, and as I read through them and had to comment on and assess their work, I felt that old feeling of not being up to the task, unable to teach my students what they need to know or even let them know what they need to know.

I’m looking for a job in the upstate and am a bit flummoxed that the gigs that were open last year–and are no longer open–are still posted on the university’s websites, as if to mock the idea…

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