Like Adam & Eve, We Leave Ourselves Without a Prayer

Insightful Musings

DSC00663 Bench and Bird Bath Noerenberg Memorial Gardens, Wayzata, MN

Randy Stiver, in “A Brief History of Prayer,” describes God as waiting in the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve to pray to Him for counsel regarding what the serpent was suggesting – that they eat of the fruit of good and evil.  “He was waiting for a prayer they didn’t pray, while they left themselves without a prayer against the deceptive misinformative powers of the Adversary (Genesis 3:1-6).”

When people ask why God let’s certain things happen, they don’t understand that God created us in His image and likeness, to grow in divine qualities and talents.  He gave us free will to develop those divine qualities and talents, with the mandate to take dominion in His Name, as His creation.  He taught us how to get it right, and what to avoid.  In general we tend to ignore our responsibility to be in covenant relationship…

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