The Seeker of Truth

A man travels in the heat of the day,

In the cool of night, the traveler searches.

He journeys to find the ultimate truth,

The purpose of life does the man desire.

His search leads him to a beautiful valley,

A lush and green gorge he discovers.

But the truth is not in the canyon,

The valley doesn’t hold the meaning of life.

So, the man journeys in the light of day,

Under the moonlight, he seeks out the truth.

His travels lead him to a lovely plain,

A vast and lively meadow he finds.

Yet his desire isn’t found among the grasses,

The path to life is not in the rolling plains.

The man travels under the sun’s rays,

In the cold of night, he continues his search.

Until comes upon a majestic forest,

A kingdom of tall trees does the man find.

But the truth of life isn’t found there,

The wisdom he needs is no where to be seen.

So he continues his trek for knowledge,

For the meaning of life, the traveler searches on.

Stay tuned for part two of this poem next Wednesday.  God Bless



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