Mere Christianity

Warren's Wide World of Randomness


Format: Audiobook

Source: HooplaDigital

Rating: 4.25

I have heard about this book forever.  It is thrown around as a “MUST READ” for anyone who calls themselves a Christian.  The book does not disappoint.  Lewis as Thomas Paine did in Common Sense (which I just read this year) writes to appeal to our sensible logic.  Lewis describes the Trinity and dives into many aspects of basic Christian faith.  He does not as many do when discussing theology throw about lofty words that a regular person might not understand.  His language is casual and his purpose he states many times he wants the reader to have an understanding of Mere Christianity.

The idea of the relationship with God through the idea of Christianity is discussed at length.  Lewis breaks down the Trinity down into the common relationships we will understand.  He also talks about prayer that when you feel led to pray God…

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