The Healing Begins


After Carrie shared her testimony with the others, she invited them to meet Pastor Daniel Ezekiel at the church to learn more about Jesus.  Everyone, except Simon, seems interested in going.  As the others wait in Carrie’s S.U.V, Carrie attempts to convince Simon to come along.

Carrie came towards Simon and sat down beside him.  Simon drank from his Big Gulp trying to ignore her pleading stare.  “Please…Simon,” she said, “Please come with me.”

Simon took another sip and got up, “Look Carrie, I’m  happy that you have the joy in your heart, but I’m not interested.”

“Simon, I understand how you feel…”

“No, you don’t understand,” snapped Simon and he turned away from her, “Nobody does.”

Carrie got up from the bench and came towards him.  Simon’s body tensed up as he sensed her coming.  I wish I could tell you how much I missed you, Simon thought.  He turned to face Carrie, “After my Dad died, Mom and I went to church a couple of times.  She hoped that going there would help me find peace.  It didn’t!  All I saw were a lot of people preaching about love and God, but when the preaching was over, I saw those same ‘godly’ people talking behind people’s backs and being nasty to one another.  After I saw that, my mind was made up.  That church is a joke.  And if there is a God, he isn’t a loving one.”  The pain in his soul etched onto his face, “For if he’s a loving God, why did he take my Dad away?”

Tears began to form in Carrie’s eyes.  “I don’t have the answer to that question…”

Simon nodded and started to walk away.  Then Carrie shouted, “Wait Simon, I need to tell you something!”

He turned around, “What is it you want to say?”

She came closer to him, “When I parked in the parking lot and I saw you, I thought about calling off the whole thing.”

Simon’s eyes widened, “Why would you do that?”

“Because,” Carrie sniffled, “Seeing you reminded me of how much I failed you… those many years ago when your Dad died.”

Simon’s gaze softened, “Carrie, you didn’t fail me.  I was the one who pushed you away remember.”

“I know…but… I should have tried harder to keep you close.  But I gave up trying.”  Carrie dried some of the tears that were on her cheek, “And when I saw you…I was afraid that you would hate me for that.  I was your best friend and I wasn’t there for you.”

“Carrie…,” said Simon.  I would never hate you.  He looked down at the ground and looked up at her. “What…made you change your mind and follow through with your plan?”

She looked at him, her eyes gazing into his, “Because God told me to go.  He told me that by only going can the healing begin.  Not just for me…but for you also.”

Simon’s eyes widened again.  At first, he thought Carrie was trying to trick him into coming with her.  But he knew she wasn’t that kind of person.  Is she serious, he thought, I don’t believe it!  Simon wiped the sweat that had formed on his hands with his jacket.  His mouth went dry, which usually happens when he was nervous.  What if she’s telling the truth? He tried to shake the notion from his mind and took a drink from his soda.  All he got from the cup was air.

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