ESTHER: Favour

The book Esther states several times that Queen Esther was favoured even in the eyes of men:

Esther 2:15 ‘…And Esther obtained favor in the sight of all who saw her.’

Esther 2:17 ‘The king loved Esther more than all the other women, and she obtained grace and favor in his sight more than all the virgins…’

Esther 5:2 When he saw Queen Esther standing there in the inner court, he welcomed her and held out the gold scepter to her…’   [Context: Esther entered the king’s presence without being summoned; this was punishable by death unless the king held out his ring (scepter) to her]

Because Esther was chosen by God and obedient (she was in the right place). God favoured her and she found favour everywhere she went.
We can’t get far at all without the favour of God. (Psalms 127:1)

Psalms 127 1.png
Esther would not have…

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