“He Knows”, by Jeremy Camp

This world that we live in always finds ways to bring us down with some kind of pain.  From work stresses, to financial woes, and all manner of illness, it seems that the world has it in for us.  For a follower of Christ, this pain does not go away.

However, a Christian has the means to endure even the worse pain imaginable.  That is because he is not alone in His ordeal.  The risen Savior Jesus Christ, understands our pain, for He too had to endure it; even the pain of death on a cross.

In the song “He Knows,” by Jeremy Camp, we are reminded that the Lord knows our pain, and when we call to Him in our anguish, His grace will give us the strength to stand against the world’s burdens.  Let us come to the One who knows our pain  first hand.  Let us hold tightly to His nail-scarred hand and find peace in the face of pain.

The pain of the world is heavy upon me,

I’m burdened by the woes placed on me.

Yet I will not let them bring me down,

The pain won’t make me fall into despair.

For I call on the Lord and He heard me,

Saved I am, when I cried to the Almighty.

He came and bore the burden with me,

My pain, He placed upon Himself.

Now we will walk strong against all things,

With the Lord with me, I will prevail.

4 thoughts on ““He Knows”, by Jeremy Camp

  1. I can testify to God’s amazing comfort in times of deep pain. My grandson died 6 years ago and God came close to all of us. He does give peace in our suffering. Not only that, but the wonderful knowledge we will see my grandson again fills me with joy.

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