The Red Carpet Life

Shouting it Out

Each of us share moments of this life with other people. Maybe short-term, maybe long. We share experiences, problems, happiness, sorrow and even secrets with others. And sometimes, looking at another person, we seem to think that their life is perfect. Probably better than anything we’ll ever get.We compare our lives and our problems to that apparently perfect life that we see. The truth is, you only see what they want to show. This is what I like to call, the ‘Red Carpet’ life.

So many times we see celebrities walking down that red carpet, looking like they can take on whatever comes their way. They appear confident and secure in their place in the world. They’re wearing the trendiest clothes and shoes. Have the greatest hairstyle we’ll see. Each of them has a guy or girl on their arms and there’s smiles everywhere. Camera flashes are going off…

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