The Seeker of Truth Part Two

The man searches under the sun’s rays,

With moon beams, he continues his quest.

The traveler pursues the meaning of existence,

The Truth of life, he searches diligently.

His trek leads him to a divine beach,

White sands and blue waters he discovers.

Yet the Truth he seeks is not in this paradise,

In this serene place, Wisdom can’t be found.

The heat beats upon him as he travels,

The traveler is chilled in the dark.

His travels take him to tall mountains,

Upon majestic peaks are his eyes set upon.

But the purpose of life isn’t found here,

The highest mountain doesn’t have the answer.

In his travels, the man despairs in his search,

The traveler doubts he’ll find the answer.

His sorrows lead him to a vast wasteland,

A desolate desert, his sadness draws him to.

Under a lone tree, the traveler sits,

Alone in despair, the seeker rests under the shade.

For many days, the man searched for truth,

For wisdom, the traveler looked day and night.

But peace is no where to be found,

Wisdom is beyond his human grasp.

Will the man ever find the ultimate peace?  Stay tuned for the conclusion of this narrative poem next Wednesday.  God Bless.

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