The Final Approach


After convincing Simon to come with her to meet Mr. Daniel Ezekiel,  Carrie takes Simon, Mary, Liz, John, and Zach to the church.  During the trip, Simon starts to have second thoughts, but a voice in his head asks him what it is that he is afraid of.  The voice startles Simon and he wonders where and who it came from. 

The entire drive was about twenty minutes.  Carrie drove through three lighted intersections, made a right turn at the fourth light, and turned left on a street called “Heavenly Way” into a residential area.  The homes on each side of the street were well maintained and looked alike.  Looks like a stuck-up community, Simon thought as he gazed through his window. 

John stopped his conversation with Zach and asked Carrie, “Care Bear… are we there yet?”

“Yes!  It’s on your right.”

At the end of “Heavenly Way”, before the intersection at “Divine Parkway” there stood the church.  It had brick walls that rose up to a white roof, and on top of the roof was a white four-sided steeple; the kind that is found on most average churches.  At the top of the steeple was bronze cross.  In front of the building was a concrete placard which said:




Carrie went past the church and drove into the parking lot.  To the right of the church, there were two plain single story buildings.  “The office to the left belongs to Pastor Ezra,” said Carrie.  The office next to the Pastor’s was a little bit smaller, but attached to it was a garage that was big enough to place two cars in.  In front of it was the sign: DR. DANIEL EZEKIEL’S OFFICE.

“It looks kind of boring to me,” observed Liz.

Simon looked at the office and was surprised, “Why is Mr. Ezekiel’s office bigger than the pastor’s?”

“Aside from helping Pastor Ezra, Mr. Ezekiel leads other ministries that require extra room.”

“Does that ministry include working on cars?” asked Zach pointing at the garage.

“Oh, Mr. Ezekiel doesn’t have a car,” answered Carrie, “He rides his bike from place to place.”

“Is he an enviro-nut?” asked John.

“No, he just likes to ride his bike.  He says it helps him think.”

“If there are no cars,” asked Mary, “then what’s in the garage?”

Carrie parked the S.U.V.  She took out her phone and texted Mr. Ezekiel:



Carrie’s eyes widened.  Did he finally finish it? 

“The garage is Mr. Ezekiel’s workshop.  Not only is he a pastor, but he is also an inventor,” Carrie said to Mary.  Carrie turned to everybody, “I just texted him.  He said that we can come in.  He’s just finishing up a project he’s working on in the workshop.”

Carrie opened her door.  “Wait Carrie,” said Zach, “What exactly was Mr. Ezekiel working on?  Do you know what it is?”

“I have an idea.”

“Well… what is it?” asked Zach.

Carrie smiled, “Come and see.”  With that, she stepped out of the S.U.V.

Mary followed her, opening the passenger door.  Liz opened the sliding door of the vehicle and stepped out.  Zach unbuckled his seat belt and followed.  John got out of his seat and went out.  Simon still sat in his seat, gazing through the window.  His thoughts were on the voice that he heard while they were on the way to the church.  The question, “What are you afraid of”, kept running over and over in his head.  “I’m afraid of nothing,” he said to himself.

“Hey Simon.”  Simon looked away from the window and saw Carrie looking at him.  “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah I’m fine.”  Simon got out of his chair and followed her.

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