Transition: On the Banks of The River, Intro. To Deuteronomy, part 1

Vibrant Relevance Ministries


Thesun is mercilessly beating down on you as you stand on the banks of the river. A bead of sweat runs down the back of your neck, but you don’t notice. Nor do you notice the people passing by or those swinging on the rope, plunging into the water. All your attention is riveted to the old man’s message. His last. You love this man. You respect him. He has been your leader, your shepherd, all your life. And you know his final words are going to equip you for victory and success, despite the conflicting emotions tumbling around inside. So you listen intently—because you are on the banks of the biggest transition of your life…

Transition. Did you wince at that word like I did? But if a transition is simply the passage from one state to the next, why is this word so distasteful, abhorrent, and even offensive?…

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