When You Aren’t Ready to Forgive

Mustard Seeds

I am now going to talk about a subject that I am an expert in. Not going to lie, I’m wicked good at forgiving people. It’s just super easy for me to be like “You hurt me but it’s cool. Let’s move forward.” and then not be awkward, rude, or backstabby at all.

Now that we’ve gotten the sarcasm out of the way, let’s get real. Forgiveness is friggin’ hard. Someone [maybe someone you love] betrays you. You’re hurt. Your pride gets in the way. Let’s add in the extra fun of that person maybe not asking for your forgiveness! Yikes.

We already know the importance of forgiveness – As Christians we’re called to forgive others as Christ forgives us, harboring anger only hardens our own hearts, not forgiving is like “drinking poison and expecting the other person to die,” etc etc. Maybe we can talk more about the why another…

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