Beloved by Jordan Feliz

With all the sorrow and pain that we see on the news, and all the hardships that we face on a daily basis, it can be really easy to feel cynical about the world and have a dark cloud over you spiritually.  However, those who place their faith Jesus Christ have no need to live their lives this way.  That is because, in Christ, we are beloved in the eyes of God.

In order to overcome the darkness in this world, we must hold on tightly to this truth.  In the song Beloved by Jordan Feliz, we reminded that every Christian needs to rise up against the darkness and look upon the light of Christ.  When we do so, we will hear His comforting voice saying that He loves us and will never leave us.  In this knowledge, let us stand up against the pain of this life.

  Waves of pain bear down on me,

I am showered by the rains of suffering.

But I will not fall on my knees in the storm,

Against the waves, I will not back down.

For my eyes will be lifted up to the Divine Light,

Upon my Lord and Savior, I set my sights.

He declares that I am precious in His eyes,

Beloved am I in the sight of my Christ.

In His love, I will rise against the pain,

Suffering, I will endure because of His grace.

Tightly, will I hold on to my Savior,

The Prince of Peace, I won’t ever let go.

For in the Son of God, I am loved,

Adored am I by my Heavenly Father.

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