The Seeker of Truth Part Three

The seeker has searched the earth,

The vast world the man has looked.

Finding ultimate truth was his goal,

His quest was to find pure wisdom.

But his searching has found nothing,

Fruitless was all the seeker’s journeying.

Alone he sits in the vast wasteland,

Upon the desert sands, the seeker rests.

In his sorrow, he falls into a dream,

A vision he has in his despair.

There he meets the One who holds the Truth,

The Man of Peace does the seeker encounter.

The man asks Him the truth of life,

Ultimate wisdom, the seeker humbly pleads for.

“I am Life,” says the Divine One,

The Holy One declares, “In me is wisdom.”

“Follow my ways and you’ll have peace,”

“Trust my ways and joy is found.”

The seeker wakes from his trance,

Suddenly, his eyes are open.

Beside him, he finds an old book,

An ancient text, the seeker discovers.

The seeker reads its carefully,

Each line, he studies closely.

“These are the Words of Life,” he says,

He shouts, “In this, I find peace.”

Out of the sands the man walks,

With joy, the seeker leaves the wasteland.

For ultimate peace found him in the dust,

True Life revealed itself to him in the wastes.


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