Strange Books


Carrie, Simon, Liz, Mary, Zach, and John arrive at Daniel Ezekiel’s office.  The office is massive, filled with all sorts of expensive scientific equipment and unusual books.  Zach notice some of Ezekiel’s notes and discovers that the youth pastor has some very interesting ideas.  

Why would a pastor be studying time travel, Simon thought as he drifted away from Zach and John’s conversation.  This guy is strange.

Mary and Liz went over to one of the book shelves.   “Look at some of the names of these books,” said Liz.  She ran her finger across some of the titles: Mere Christianity, The Cost of Discipleship, The Case for Christ, Purpose Driven Life, and The Pursuit of God.

“They must be Christian books,” said Mary.

“Yeah…but what about these books,” said Liz as she scrolled her finger across another set of books: The Elegant Universe, Quantum Enigma, Reality is Not What it Seems, Quantum Theory, and Massively Small.

“Zach, could you come over here please?” asked Liz.  Zach, followed by John, came to where the girls were.  “What are these books about?”

Zach looked at each title with great interest.  “These books are about the basics of quantum mechanics.”

“That’s… time travel, right?” asked John.

“Some of it yes.”

He sure has a weird set of books in his library, thought Simon.

Liz looked at the next shelf and came upon some leather-bound books.  These must be Bibles, she thought.  Then she came upon a book that had strange writing on it.  She pulled it out.  “Hey Carrie, what is this book?”

Carrie came to Liz and looked at the book, “It’s a Bible.”

Liz looked at it again in disbelief, “This isn’t a Bible.  It has all these strange writings in it.”

Zach came to Liz and examined the book. “It is a Bible.  But it’s written in Greek.”

“Greek,” exclaimed John, “Since when do you study languages?”

“To expand my horizons, I have engaged myself in studying ancient languages like Greek and Latin.”

“Great,” sighed John, “Not only are you a math and science nerd, now you’re a word worm too.”

Why would he have a Greek Bible, Simon thought, This Daniel Ezekiel is very strange.

Just then, a large BOOOOOMM was heard from the garage next door.

“What the heck was that!” exclaimed John.

“Mr. Ezekiel,” shouted Carrie, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” a man shouted back, “Just an engine backfire that’s all.  Give me just a minute…I’ll be right there.”

A couple of steps were heard coming to the door.  With a CLICK, Daniel Ezekiel came in.

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