Oh My Soul by Casting Crowns

None of us like to admit when we are afraid.  Instead of admitting our fears, we hide it with a smile and pretend to be brave in the face of an unknown world.  Unfortunately, the more we try to deny our fear, the more it festers within us, like an untreated wound.

God Almighty does not wish to see us live a life of fear.  He wants us to live a life that is founded in peace.  This is done only when we accept our fear and lay it down before the feet of the King of Kings.  In the song Oh My Soul by Casting Crowns, we are reminded that we are not alone in our fear.  That we can turn to our Lord and Savior and the fear that we have will melt away like ice before a flame.

My fear I try to conceal,

I ignore the worry that’s in my heart.

I hide my anxiety with a smile,

With false courage, I camouflage my despair.

Yet my fear consumes met the more I hide it,

My heart becomes frozen by my worry.

Who can save me from my despair,

From my anxiety, who will rescue me?

The Lord calls to me in my sorrow,

In my fear, my God speaks to me.

“You’re not alone,” He says to me,

He encourages me to release my fear to Him.

When I do, joy takes the place of worry,

Fear is melted away before the love of Christ.

Daily, I will come to God with my anxiety,

At my King’s feet, I will cast out all fear.

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