Why blood was God’s currency


During the Lord’s Supper, we drink grape juice because it represents Jesus’ blood shed on the cross. If we go back further to when the Passover sacrifice was established, the lamb’s blood spread on the Israelite doorposts was the sign sparing them from death.

Why this emphasis on blood in the first place? Why blood at all? In a basic sense, blood makes all humans equal. Regardless of position or possession, blood is the one supply-and-demand we all share that means everything. But how or why did blood sacrifice become the system of exchange that balanced man’s relationship to God? To answer we must look even further back to when sacrifice was unnecessary.

All creation is God’s masterpiece; but human beings, affectionately created in God’s image, are creation’s centerpiece. God made humans just a little lower than the angels so they could fruitfully embody God’s goodness. This unique role required…

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