The Gospel by Ryan Stevenson

This world we live in is chaotic and promises us satisfaction, but always leaving us empty and cold.  Where can we find peace in a world of chaos?  What can make us whole in a earth that leaves us incomplete?

In the song The Gospel by Ryan Stevenson, we are told that the Gospel of Christ is the source of peace and security in an uncertain world.  In an unsatisfying world, in the Good News of Jesus Christ, one can finally be made whole.  Let us thank the Lord God, for coming to us in form of the man Jesus and saving us from the cold emptiness of this life.

  This world has nothing to offer me,

Nothing satisfies me in this life.

I consume and I am left empty,

The void of my heart is never filled.

The world overwhelms me with fear,

Worry is my companion in this life.

But the Lord saw my anguish and saved me,

Rescued from pain I was by my God.

He gave to me His message of Life,

His News of Hope He proclaimed to me.

Now my emptiness is made full,

Peace has taken away my fear.

My heart is full of joy before the Lord,

Before my Christ, I will shout thanksgiving.

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