Close to You

The Contemplative Path

I have always wanted to be close to You

Sought Your Presence

Wanted to be close

This has always been in my heart

Some days I feel a sense of nearness

And others I feel so far away

And I know this is me

For Your Love is faithful

Your Love is constant

It is me who is all over the place

Me who is distracted

Me who turns away

Forgive me Lord all my frailties

And weaknesses

Help me to be strong in seeking You

Resolute and determined

That I will be faithful to You

For I seek to serve You

And if I am a fair-weather friend

I cannot do this in the same way

Of course, You forgive all my turnings away

All the times I let You down

Your Love knows no bounds

But help me to try harder

To seek You more

And to be…

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